Recipe for a Blog

Take an idea, marinate for 7 years or so
Write a story trying to explain said idea (cook for 45 min at 5:15 am 3 days a week for optimal results)
Sign contract to publish the above story
Request that friends taste test
Modify recipe for readability and understanding
Place in publishing oven for 4 to 5 months.  Obtain editing, cover art, and ISBN as needed.
Remove from oven and….

And that’s where I am.  Waiting.  Manuscript written, editing done, proof in hand.  What’s the book about, you might ask?  Change.  We experience it every day, but is it effective?  Is it accepted and anticipated or rejected and reviled?  The difference in those two states lies in the people involved at the beginning of the change, during the change, and after the change.  And that’s what my book is about.  People.  If you’re helping people change, I want to help you.  That’s why I wrote a book…and that’s mainly what I’ll be writing about on this blog.

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  1. Joey,

    Yes…the concept was kind of ‘delivered to me’ one step at a time. I just couldn’t figure out how to best communicate it (that’s the 7 year gap). I’m just waiting to approve the final proof copy before it’s published. Now I (like many others) could ‘write a book’ about writing a book!

  2. You wrote a book for real?

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