Things will go your way…if you hold on for one more day

Whenever I get frustrated about how long it takes me to get something done, I just think about ol’ William Lloyd Garrison.  Who’s that, you might ask?  Well, Mr Garrison spent over 30 years(!) working on the cause of the abolition of slavery.

Photo of William Lloyd Garrison

William Lloyd Garrison

30 years!  That sure seems like a long time to wait.  I wonder how that process went for him.

A friend of mine proposed that my book (which took only a measly 7 years) followed a process like:

observation – discovery – idea – vision – frustration – frustration – attempt – discussion with friends – renewed attempt – work on it every day for 20 minutes, learning – TRIUMPH!

I’d say that’s pretty accurate – except for the TRIUMPH part.  Still got a few thousand books to sell before getting there.

So, whatever you’re doing today (and have been doing for a while), don’t give up!  You never know how long it’s going to take before things start going your way.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia

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