Bestselling Author Endorses Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers!

I’m excited to announce the first endorsement for Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers from one of the bestselling business authors in the world.  To date, he has over 20 million books in print!

Price Pritchett, Ph.D. has advised CEOs, presidents, and boards across a wide spectrum of industries, in many types of deals, under all kinds of economic conditions. He’s been quoted in Fortune, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, most major newspapers, and been interviewed on CNN, CNBC, plus numerous cable channels.

Price is also the Founder and CEO of PRITCHETT, LP where we met in 2009.   It was only a short breakroom discussion during a a training class I was attending but it definitely inspired me.  I am honored to have his endorsement.  Thanks Price!

Price Pritchett

“Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers is a thought provoking story.  It will cause you to examine those around you and the roles they have.” Price Pritchett

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  1. Hey this is great!!

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