Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers – The Book

When it comes to change and change management, I’ve noticed that people naturally tend toward being one of three types: Visionary, Builder, or Maintainer.

I also found that understanding and using this principle allowed me to better understand the people I was working with and tailor their assignments to match their strengths.  Then, when I began sharing these concepts with others, they have immediately used them to their benefit.

If you are a change management or project management professional who wants to improve the success of your initiatives, knowing which type you are and identifying the tendencies in others can help you more successfully implement changes.

To share these concepts as widely as possible, my book, Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers is now available at:


(print only – as my gift to you, use code 5QMTP73Y to get 50% off!)


(in both print and Kindle format)

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